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We are the museum quality oil painting reproductions' supplier from china. Our company has more than one hundred professional artists and large painting studio. Each artist is good at all kinds of painting style, super excellence replication technology application in the royal aristocrats, museum, home villas, art dealers, leisure places, and etc. Our hand-painted oil paintings are not only good at quality, but also good at reasonable price. We have a good reputation from our customers, and maintain good cooperation with customers from USA, Canada, many European countries during the past many years. We are also one of the biggest hand-painted oil painting suppliers in China. You can see more than 80,000 famous paintings from 2,000 artists in our website, which showing and providing high-level artworks for you.

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All our oil painting reproductions are 100% hand painted on canvas. We can customize various oil paintings. creative design and picture frame matching services according to your requirements. Artistic style includes religiou paintings, landscape paintings, abstract paintings, still life paintings, etc. Our museum quality painting reproductions use oil painting materials can make the picture color more vivid, delicate, texture effect more prominent, the painter use his mature painting techniques, every oil painting can bring you real artistic sense of the enjoyment.
You also can place order to us if you can not find the paintings you loved in our website. You just need to give us your pictures, tell us the size you want and your requirement. We can change the background, cloth, face and everything you want to change. You do not have MOQ requirement for our paintings. In addition, our hand-painted oil paintings can also be selected according to your value orientation, in line with your status of high-quality oil paintings, or you can choose decorative, cheap and fashion oil paintings. Choose oil painting as the mainstream art of home decoration, your home wall decoration will be inseparable from oil painting and decorative painting, let art into life, make life more taste. Welcome to our online art gallery.
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The realistic painter - Georges Croegaert

Georges Croegaert (October 7, 1848 - 1923) was a Belgian scholar who spent most of his career in Paris. He was famous for his genre paintings, graceful social women, and the humorous description of the cardinal, which is a highly realistic style.


American female artist with their colors

Female artist September McGee lived and worked in New York, America. In her eyes, her job is not to draw pictures, but to touch the spiritual world of the painted people with brush.

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Chinese Figure Paintings

Figure painting may also refer to the activity of creating such a work. Figure painting is not synonymous with figurative art, which may depict real objects of any kind. Chinese figure painting strives to indicate vivid people's character by the render of environments, atmospheres, bodies and actions, then make a person a unity of form and spirit....


Chinese Beautiful Ladies Paintings

The history of painting of beautiful ladies in China can be traced back to the Jin Dynasty (265-420). The history of belle painting also records the vicissitudes of feminine charm. Rare Antique Book of Fine Chinese Paintings of Beautiful Ladies. Originally, painting of beautiful Ladies refers to painting which take the life of literati & officialdom...

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西蒙·乌埃(Simon Vouet)巴洛克油画作品

西蒙·乌埃(Simon Vouet)出生于巴黎,法国著名巴洛克画家。西蒙·乌埃14岁时被英国邀去为一位地位相当高的法国夫人画肖像,后又被法国驻土耳其大使于1611年把他请到土耳其君士坦丁堡。乌埃在那里呆了一年,就转道去了意大利的威尼斯,1614年初,西蒙·乌埃到了罗马,凭着秉赋,显示出“神童”的艺术天才,在艺术上受意大利的教养根基深厚。后来他又倾注于对威尼斯的光色表现的研究,使他的生活编年史一直是步步高升,最终形成为他的法国巴洛克画风。


让·莱昂·杰罗姆(Jean-Leon Gerome)学院派油画作品

让-莱昂·杰罗姆(Jean-Leon Gerome)是法国画家和雕塑家,被称为学院派风格。1824年5月11日出生于Vesoul(上索恩),1841年来到巴黎,1844-1845在意大利工作。杰罗姆的作品的范围包含历史画,希腊神话,东方主义,肖像和其他学科,使学术传统绘画达到了艺术高潮。杰罗姆被认为是一个从这个学术时期最重要的画家,他也是许多学生的老师。


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