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John Singleton Copley Portrait Paintings

John Singleton Copley was born on 3 April 1738, death on 9 May 1815, was an American painter, active in both colonial America and England. He is famous for his portrait paintings of important figures in colonial New England, depicting in particular middle-class subjects.


Canaletto Landscape Paintings

Canaletto was born on 18 April 1697, death on 19 May 1768, was an Italian painter of city views or vedute, of Venice. He was further an important printmaker using the etching technique. He worked in England where he created many sights of London.


Salvador Dali Paintings

Salvador Dali was born on 11 April 1904, death on 23 May 1989, was a prominent Spanish surrealist painter. Salvador Dali was a skilled draftsman, best known for the striking and bizarre images in his surrealist work.


Felix Vallotton Paintings

Felix Vallotton was born on 28 April 1865, death on 29 May 1952, was a French painter and printmaker. He was an important figure in the development of the modern woodcut.


Francis Picabia Paintings

Francis Picabia was born at 1879, death at 1953, est un peintre, dessinateur et ecrivain francais, proche du mouvement dada, puis surrealiste.


Mary Stevenson Cassatt Paintings

Mary Stevenson Cassatt was born on 22 April 1844, death on 14 May 1926, was an American painter.


Tiziano Vecellio Paintings

Tiziano Vecellio was born at 1488, death at 1576, was Italian painter, the most important member of the 16th-century Venetian school. He was born in Pieve di Cadore, near Belluno. During his lifetime he was often called da Cadore, taken from the place of his birth. Titian's artistic manner...


Thomas Cole: Landscape and History Paintings

Thomas Cole (February 1, 1801 – February 11, 1848) was an English-born American artist known for his landscape and history paintings. Cole found work early on as an engraver. He is regarded as the founder of the Hudson River School, an American art movement that flourished in the mid-19th...


Paul Delaroche: French History Paintings

Paul Delaroche (Paris, 17 July 1797 – 4 November 1856) was a French painter who achieved his greater successes painting history. Delaroche was born into a generation that saw the stylistic conflicts between Romanticism and Davidian Classicism. He became famous in Europe for...


Arthur Elsley: Idyllic Genre Scenes Paintings

Arthur John Elsley (20 November 1860 – 19 February 1952), was an English painter of the late Victorian and Edwardian periods, famous for his idyllic genre scenes of playful children and their pets. Elsley was born in London, one of six children of John Elsley, coachman and amateur artist,...


Alfred Sisley: Impressionist Landscape Paintings

Alfred Sisley (30 October 1839 – 29 January 1899) was an Impressionist landscape painter who was born and spent most of his life in France, but retained British citizenship. He was the most consistent of the Impressionists in his dedication to painting landscape en plein air (i.e., outdoors)....


Lawrence Alma Tadema Paintings

Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, the painter of "Victorians in togas", was one of the most successful artists of the XIX century. He was internationally famous and so immensely popular that scarcely a middle-class Victorian drawing room was without at least one print of Alma-Tadema's painting. Yet a...


Nathan Altman Paintings

Nathan Isaevich Altman was a Jewish, Russian and Soviet avant-garde artist, Cubist painter, stage designer and book illustrator. Nathan Isaiehvich Altman was born in Vinnitsa, a provincial town in the Malorossiyan part of the Russian Empire, now Ukraine. He lost his father early and...


Fra Angelico: Italian Renaissance Paintings

Fra Angelico was an Early Italian Renaissance painter described by Vasari in his Lives of the Artists as having "a rare and perfect talent". Fra Angelico was a Dominican, and a mendicant, so, not being part of a closed order, he was free to meet and talk to others in the city....


Alexey Petrovich Antropov Paintings

Alexei Petrovich Antropov (1716 – 1795) was a Russian painter active primarily in St. Petersburg, where he was born and died. He also worked in Moscow and frescoed churches in Kiev. His preferred medium was oil, but he also painted miniatures and icons. Aleksey Petrovich Antropov was...


Giuseppe Arcimboldo Paintings

Giuseppe Arcimboldo Oil Paintings. Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1526 or 1527 – July 11, 1593) was extremely famous during his lifetime, he was soon forgotten after his death. We do not know why people ever lost interest in his art. Perhaps he was misunderstood by the generations that followed. The...


Orazio Gentileschi Paintings

Orazio Lomi Gentileschi was an Italian painter, (1563–1639). Born in Tuscany, he began his career in Rome, painting in a Mannerist style, much of his work consisting of painting the figures within the decorative schemes of other artists. After 1600, he came under the influence of the more...


Jules Joseph Lefebvre Paintings

Jules Joseph Lefebvre (14 March 1834 – 24 February 1912) was a French figure painter, educator and theorist.


Jan Steen Paintings

Jan Havickszoon Steen was a Dutch genre painter of the 17th century. His works are known for their psychological insight, sense of humour and abundance of colour.


J. Ottis Adams Paintings

J. Ottis Adams (July 8, 1851 – January 28, 1927) was an American impressionist painter and art educator who is best known as a member of the Hoosier Group of Indiana landscape painters.


Louis Aston Knight Oil Paintings

Louis Aston Knight (1873–1948) was a French-born American artist noted for his paintings of landscapes. One of his paintings, The Afterglow, was purchased by U.S. President Warren G. Harding in 1922 to hang in the White House. Let us enjoy the charm of Louis Aston Knight oil paintings!...


Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat

Léon Joseph Florentin Bonnat (20 June 1833 – 8 September 1922) was a French painter, Grand Officer of the Légion d'honneur and professor at the Ecole des Beaux Arts. Let us enjoy the charm of Léon Bonnat oil paintings!


William Powell Frith Oil Paintings

William Powell Frith (19 January 1819 – 9 November 1909) was an English painter specialising in genre subjects and panoramic narrative works of life in the Victorian era. He was elected to the Royal Academy in 1853, presenting The Sleeping Model as his Diploma work. He has been described...

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