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All our oil painting reproductions are 100% hand painted on canvas. We can customize various oil paintings, creative design and picture frame matching services according to your requirements. Our oil painting reproductions are more competitive in the market. All the processes are done by ourselves from painting to packaging and the cost has been effectively controlled. In here, you can see more than 80,000 famous paintings from 2,000 artists in our website, which showing and providing high quality artworks for you. Let art into life, make life more taste. Order the paintings you like online!

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Pablo Picasso

Pablo Picasso (1881 ~ 1973) was born in Spain, is the most creative and contemporary western most far-reaching artist, he and his paintings took art history in the world the immortal status. Picasso was a prolific painter, according to statistics, he works a total of nearly 37,000, including: painting 1885, drawing 7089, 20,000 prints, lithographs 6121....


Edward Munch

The Scream was the work of the Norway painter Edward Munch in 1893. The main body of the picture is a very painful expression under the red blood red. The red background came from the eruption of the Indonesian volcano volcano in 1883, and the ashes of the volcano red the sky. The location of the painting is the Oslo fjord overlooking the mountains of the...

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Li Zijian native oil painting

Li Zijian said: "Looking back to China on the land of the United States and recalling the past, I deeply realized that the Huxiang culture has affected the simple and elegant buildings in my hometown. The honest folk customs are all references to my sketches; The old lady, the beautiful girl, the naughty child all are the inspiration of my creation, and...


Leng Jun: Super realistic painting

Leng Jun is a leading figure in contemporary Chinese ultra-realistic oil paintings. It is the most representative painter of contemporary Chinese surrealist paintings. Leng Jun in its super realistic style, unique in Chinese painting. His works show the slightest picture, the image of exquisite. Leng Jun's Sketching is used as a way to assure the...

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The Milkmaid by Johannes Vermeer

Painting: The Milkmaid Artist: Johannes Vermeer Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas Dimensions: H 45.5 cm × W 41 cm Art Movements: Dutch Golden Age, Baroque Description: The Milkmaid is a painting by artist Johannes Vermeer. it was painted in about 1657 or 1658. Oil on canvas. It is now in the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, which regards it...


The Gleaners by Jean-Francois Millet

Painting: The Gleaners Artist: Jean-Francois Millet Medium: Oil Painting on Canvas Dimensions: 83.8 cm × 111.8 cm (33 in × 44 in) Art Movements: Realism Description: The Gleaners is an oil painting by Jean-Francois Millet completed in 1857. The Gleaners depicts a trio of women gleaning the last bits of wheat from a field. The painting is...


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