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Li Zijian native oil painting

Li Zijian said: "Looking back to China on the land of the United States and recalling the past, I deeply realized that the Huxiang culture has affected the simple and elegant buildings in my hometown. The honest folk customs are all references to my sketches; The old lady, the beautiful girl, the...


Leng Jun: Super realistic painting

Leng Jun is a leading figure in contemporary Chinese ultra-realistic oil paintings. It is the most representative painter of contemporary Chinese surrealist paintings. Leng Jun in its super realistic style, unique in Chinese painting. His works show the slightest picture, the image of exquisite....


Wu Guanzhong painting in the South, so beautiful!

Enjoy Wu Guanzhong's paintings, many of us often can not distinguish between the end is not oil painting, or even feel is the ink works. For a long time, Wu Guanzhong tirelessly explored the different aesthetic concepts of the two art languages of Eastern and Western painting. In his works, we...


Chen Yifei come in the classical beauty of painting

Chen Yifei (April 14, 1946 - April 10, 2005), a famous Chinese contemporary painter and master of arts, was born in Zhenhai, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province of China. From 1960s to the 1970s, he created such well-known oil painting works as Ode to the Yellow River, Occupation of the Presidential...


Chinese Figure Paintings

Figure painting may also refer to the activity of creating such a work. Figure painting is not synonymous with figurative art, which may depict real objects of any kind. Chinese figure painting strives to indicate vivid people's character by the render of environments, atmospheres, bodies and...


Chinese Beautiful Ladies Paintings

The history of painting of beautiful ladies in China can be traced back to the Jin Dynasty (265-420). The history of belle painting also records the vicissitudes of feminine charm. Rare Antique Book of Fine Chinese Paintings of Beautiful Ladies. Originally, painting of beautiful Ladies refers to...


Chinese Fish Paintings

In traditional Chinese culture, fish is the symbols of fertility and wealth. Auspicious & Fengshui Meaning. Fishes Painting, symbolizes "may everything goes according to your wishes". Fish images are also often to given as wedding gift as fish multiply rapidly and they often swim in pairs....


Chinese Bamboo Paintings

Chinese Bamboo paintings All of our products are elegant, fresh, natural, and environmental. Bamboo is one of the most popular subjects found in Chinese painting. The bamboo grows in dense groves and symbolize resilience and integrity because it bends in the strong wind but return to their...


Chinese Birds - Flower Paintings

In the Chinese traditional culture, the Birds & Flower painting is peculiar to China. Since ancient times, all kinds of flowers, plants, and birds were given various symbolic meanings. The choice of a subject matter, whether a peony, lotus, bamboo, orchid or plum, says a lot about you....


Chinese landscape Paintings

The exquisite Chinese landscape painting, is a kind of painting describing natural scenes. In other works, landscape backgrounds for figures can still form an important part of the work. The subject of landscape covers scenery like mountains, rivers, lakes, valleys, forests, stones, houses,...


Wholesale Oil Paintings from China

Companies engaged in professional custom hand-painted original oil paintings, high-end decorative painting copy, and other oil painting production, sales and other services, has its own oil painting studio, the external expertise of a variety of styles of painting division nearly 100 for the rest...


Chinese oil painting history

Oil painting art, finished in China more than a hundred years of history. This is the history of its rooting, sprouting and tortuous growth on this land. This is the history of its gradual integration into the blood of the Chinese nation. Prior to this, oil painting, as a painting technique,...

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